Letters of Appreciation

Letters of Appreciation

To Our Friends and Fellow Associates

Hopefully you are the type of person that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, You say; "Thank you God!" Because life is too short to wake up with regrets. So LOVE the people who treat you right and Forgive those who don`t; because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!" Believe that everything happens for a Reason. If you get Second and Third chances, grab them with both hands. If they change your Life, let them! Take a few minutes to Think before you Act and if you are upset Forgive quickly. God never said that Life would be Easy, but He did say that it would be worth it. To ALL our wonderful Friends and Fellow Associates who have been a part of our Lives; Here`s to You! Real Friends and Fellow Associates walk together, when most of the world does Not!

Lovingly Yours,
John & Donna Carr, Co-Founders

Letters of Appreciation

From: April Ford

I was advised by a very great mentor of mine Berny Dohrmann to get in contact with you (John Carr). Also Dave Philipsson and Wendy Darling, seems like you're a popular guy.

I'm widowed with 2 young children and recently relocated to Orange County (San Juan Capistrano) from Northern Calif. Not exactly sure where you're located between LA/Orange County/San Diego but please allow me to buy you lunch. Let's connect and see how we can align resources and maybe you can provide some tips on integrating into the community. I'm looking to serve other widows and abused women-youth.

What an honor and true blessing to meet you and Ken today.

If Berny didn't want to grab your tail coat, I sure will!! ;) I can see a big heart with talent, experience, and a plethora of knowledge... all in alignment of truth of where the glory should be.

My Destiny is God's Dynasty...

From: Bob Landi

I love what you & Donna are doing for you are doing things "for people" - as opposed to doing things "to people" - you 2 are clearly the exception rather than the rule!

I really enjoyed the time we were together at CEOSpace albeit, too brief. Hopefully we can get together again soon. I'd loved to have an opportunity to sit down with you and Donna to catch on all the marvelous things you're doing - and to give you an update on where we are going with the "Outwitting the Devil" project - why we are going there - and how we are going to get there.

Yes, we have very lofty goals - and there are those who question our capacity to realize those goals. However, from our perspective - failure is not an option. We have fought the fight - and we will continue to fight the fight to ensure that we, for all the people we're reaching out to, do realize our goals.

Stay well, my friend! You are one of the "good guys" - a difference maker - and I hope the opportunity presents itself for us to one day work together toward what is obviously is a common purpose!!

Our best to you and Donna always!
—Bob Landi

From: Dale and Sue Jones

My wife and I were able to use several services from the Charitable Giving Foundation and found them satisfying because we paid no more (in fact less on my legal documents) than we would have paid elsewhere, and Donations went to my Favorite Cause-my church. A Donation has already gone to our church from the Trust, Wills and legal documents we did with Kevin Fehrmann, the attorney that the Charitable Giving Foundation provided for us. Kevin was very thorough pointing out and correcting our old Trust was not adequate or accurate for our needs and making the necessary additions and corrections we needed. Another Donation will be going to our church from their using Amazon to make purchases from their site on the Charitable Giving Foundation website.

We also used realtor Trisha Marshall from the Charitable Giving Foundation to sell our Condo. She spent many hours doing a lot of extra things to put our property into Good shape for a quick sale. She held Open House almost every other week resulting in our property being sold. Another Donation will be going to our church from the sale of our Condo.

Our church has also agreed to have John & Donna(Founders)come into our church and make these Donations, and explain to the congregation how their program works so others like us can start using their services and have many donations going back to our church.

We are well pleased with how the Charitable Giving Foundation allows us to use any of their many services to handle our needs, while at the same time helps support our Favorite Causes. What a joy it is to work with Christian's and be able to bless our Church financially.

—Dale and Sue Jones

From: Trisha Marshall

I want to take the time to thank you for the kind words and recommendation. As you know, it is such a blessing to not only help someone with their Real Estate needs as I did with Dale Jones but also at the same time to be benefiting your amazing mission with Charitable Giving Foundation. It is an honor serving on Charitable Giving's Advisory Board and to serve as a Certified Associate.

I look forward to assisting Mr. Wiggins in any way I can both here in California and in Memphis.

Our church has also agreed to have John & Donna(Founders)come into our church and make these Donations, and explain to the congregation how their program works so others like us can start using their services and have many donations going back to our church.

Your and Donna's friendship and support are a blessing and I am proud to call you friends.

—Trisha Marshall
Residential Real Estate Consultant

From: Jennifer Wallis

John and I talk about you and Donna often and we are so thankful and feel so blessed, that you sat at our table for breakfast in Las Vegas. The relationship that you and Donna have, is the kind everyone one dreams of. We look at the two of you and see so much love and adoration for one another, even after 53 years of marriage! It is such a beautiful thing!

Warm Regards,
Jennifer Wallis, CCS
President, The Classic Concierge
Boulder, CO

From: Bob Patterson

The inner-beauty of both of you has always shown through and has been shared with everyone around you! Your warmth and goodness has effected countless others! I appreciate the work you have been doing in recent years, though I have not been an active participant. You two are always in my thoughts and prayers and I have always felt honored to be your friend. Keep up the good work! Keep up God's work!

Bob Patterson
Arlington, VA
Boulder, CO


From: Steve Wiggins

Thank you for allowing us to operate under the "Wing" of your Foundation. You have truly been an encouragement to myself and hundreds of others who are being discipled daily through the Living Room Study. We have grown greatly in the past 7 years, and I truly believe we are ready to stand on our own, operationally speaking.

Thank you for helping us establish our 501c(3),
Steve Wiggins
Riverside, CA

From: Nick Zwiebel

I want to help charities and non-profits in my community find alternative ways at raising money besides asking for donations. I think that the Charitable Giving Foundation has a unique way of doing this without having to consistently ask donors to give just out of their pocket. I was introduced to the foundation by a CGF CA in Omaha, NE and was blown away that every day purchases that people make a percentage could go back to charities and non-profits. This is just amazing. I would be very excited to be part of this foundation, and look forward to the opportunity.

Thanks for your Consideration,
Nick Zwiebel
Omaha, NE

From: Steve Meinen

I would like to express my appreciation for the work John T. Carr and all the other people at The Charitable Giving Foundation are doing. It is heartening to know there are people sincere about helping others through this organization. It's great to have this opportunity through The Charitable Giving Foundation to support my favorite causes and bring hope and encouragement to others.

Steve Meinen, Elementary School Principal
Denison, IA

From: Kazumi Kageyama

When the World War II was in its final stage, I was 8 years old in Tokyo, Japan. All of sudden, on March 8, 1940 at night, Allied Forces Air Attack created a bright day light sky with thousands of flaming bombs and rain fall of incendiary bombs in greater Tokyo area all thru night. From the heavy industrial zone in south to the center of city, the flame destroyed 99% of large buildings and human lives of hundreds thousands.

Mass stream of lucky survivors run for life in never ending fire tunnel to the Tama river bed, where I kept running in desperately grabbing mom’s skirt for hours. Many unlucky individuals hit by incendiary bombs were writhing in pain in all over the river bed.

Around 4 am, all Allied Forces Airplanes disappeared leaving muss flame of fire and thick burning smoke in Tokyo sky. In early morning dim light, I climbed up to the river bank near-by and tried to understand the true cause of this War. I could realize that there were vital conflict between Japan and Allied Countries, but any political, trade, and ideological detail issues were a way beyond my comprehension.

Only strong clear cry as a human child was imbedded in my mind and formed my determination to change the world with humanistic love and understanding. With this determination, I did my best to study at the best university in Tokyo among then future leaders of Japanese Government and Corporations.

In 1964, I had an opportunity with Little Singers of Tokyo to visit and to make an appearance at the opening of Lincoln Center for Performing Art with a 1963 Spring invitation from President Kennedy to this group. We were hosted my President and Mrs. Johnson at White House and made a gala performance at Congress Hall, as well as Lincoln Center Performance in addition of an appearance at Ed Sullivan Show in New York city.

Now, I am a naturalized citizen of over 40 years and a long time Southern California residence, I believe in the freedom of speech and love of humanity for peaceful and prosperous world society. Our free will business and choice of our life effort can attain higher level of our economic and quality of life in the world.

John, I endorse full heartedly your Charitable Giving Foundation, and thank you for giving my true life testimony today.

Kazumi Kageyama

From: Lisa Chidester

I had the pleasure of attending last week's "In God We Trust" Event. Wasn't that a great evening overall? I love being in the presence of people who care deeply about this nation.

Thank you for your inspiring words. What a great concept for your foundation! What impressed me the most is that you have been at it for so long. So many celebrities or wealthy citizens set up foundations as a tax-hiding place for their wealth. I appreciated hearing your motive for "Charitable Giving." For you, it really is not a tax umbrella, but truly an avenue to help your fellow man. The fact that you have been at it (as long as I have been alive) speaks volumes about the kind of man you are (and your wife, too!). Where much is given, much is required. You have used your talents to bless the lives of so many. Thank you, and God bless you.

My husband is the Facility Operator at the Target Distribution Center in Shafter, CA. I mentioned your website to him and let him know that Target was on board. We'll definitely use your website when we do our online shopping.

Lisa Chidester
Bakersfield, CA

From: Doug McClure

What a fabulous program! I have really come to appreciate the win-win-win heart behind this generous program. Why would anyone not want to do this.

Kind Regards,
Doug McClure
San Diego, CA